What terms apply for gift cards?

A Gift Card is a voucher that a company can offer its customers to purchase. The company will decide on the value, conditions and validity of the Gift Card, such as: Which shops the gift card can be used, if it can be used online or whether it can be combined with other discounts or offers. Below are the general terms of our Gift Card:

  • Can be used when purchasing online or in our own IDEAL Concept Stores.
  • They can only be used when buying products at full price and can’t be combined with discounts or offers.
  • Can only be used for the purchase of products at regular price. Can not be combined with discounts and promotions.
  • Gift cards can’t be exchanged for cash.
  • Can not be used at retailers
  • Your gift voucher is personal and should not be shared with others
  • Lost gift cards are not replaced
  • The gift card expiry date can be seen on the card. It is not possible to extend the expiry date.
  • Gift cards can be used partially where product price is less than the value of the gift card. When buying online, the excess value is left on your gift card. When buying in-store, you get a voucher on the excess amount.
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