My Powerbank doesn't work. What do I do?

Are you experiencing problems with your powerbank? Is it not lighting up? Are you unable to charge your phone or your powerbank?

Please check the points below before getting in touch. That makes it easier for us to help you if the problem persists, and can also save you time.

The powerbank lights should flash while charging, until full charge, when they should be continuously lit.
The lights indicate:
๏ooo- 0-25% charged
๏๏оо- 25-50% charged
๏๏๏о- 50-75% charged
๏๏๏๏- 75-100% charged

If you’re having trouble charging the powerbank, the problem may be caused by the included micro USB cable. Please try using another cable, if you have one to charge the powerbank. You can also check the included micro USB cable by charging another product, using a correct outlet. Please use a working adapter to check.

If you are unable to charge your phone with the powerbank, the cause may be low battery. Double-click the button on the side of the powerbank to show the battery status, which is indicated by a number of flashing lights.
Please see the information regarding the light indications above.

We hope that the information above has solved the problem you were having with your powerbank!
If the problem persists, and if your powerbank still doesn’t work, please contact us by clicking HERE .

Please include the following when contacting us:

  • Your order number
  • A video which clearly shows the problem/damage
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