Accessories of attraction

We have created a unique system of compatible products that combines fashion and function, this is what we call Accessories of Attraction.

Accessories of Attraction makes our products effortlessly interchangeable with a simple magnetic click. Equipped with strong, yet lightweight magnets, our products allow you to create the most perfect matches and make meaningful connections, down to every detail of your life. 

Some things in life are meant to click together to create something beautiful. Make a connection with Accessories of Attraction!

How do I know if a product is part of Accessories of Attraction?
If a product is part of Accessories of Attraction you’ll find information about this in the product description under details. If there is no information about this in the product description, it means that the product is not a part of Accessories of Attraction.

NOTE! Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro are not compatible with our Ring Mounts, Magnetic Card holders, or Car Mounts.

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