What is your return policy?

You have the right to return one or more products for a refund within 14 days of receiving your order. 


In order for your return to be approved, the following criteria must be met:


  • The product must be in the same condition as when it was received.
  • The product should be in its original packaging with intact labels and protective stickers.
    Please note that plastic covers with a barcode belong to the original packaging.
  • The product must not be custom made with personalization
  • The product is not a hygiene item that cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons (eg face masks)


Please also note:


  • The products cannot be exchanged at our retailers.
  • That you as a customer pay the return cost. Remember to always save your return receipt from the postal agent until you have received a confirmation that your return has been processed.
  • We do not accept returns on gift cards.




To change a product, please return the product for a refund and place a new order on our website.


Refund on a promotion or sale order.


If you would like a refund, please note that we will refund the paid price. If you received a promotional price, the discounted price will be refunded. If you shopped during a campaign, we reserve the right to deny you the offer/discount if your order, after return, no longer meets the conditions for taking part in the offer/discount.


For example: If you used a discount code for your order that required you to order for a certain amount, we reserve the right to deny you the discount code if the amount after returning your items is lower than the one required to use the discount code.


For purchases with package offers (example: 3 for the price of 2) the entire order must be returned for a refund.

Information on how to make a return.

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